• Control of job progress
  • Workmanship
  • Cost containment
  • Quality parts.....

These are all factors that persuaded us to include bodywork repairs - Coachworks - within our range of services. Whilst we have always chosen, positively, to maintain and service vehicles within their respective franchise networks, bodywork's, is different. There is not such thing as "manufacture's schedule" or "menu pricing for a start!

We offer cost effective Coachworks to VBRA standards as a integral part of our Allied services - or maybe it is just the finishing touch that you need?

And Also

International Links
Our customers come into us from all over the world. We have referral points and agents in most places. If you need a sure touch to support you overseas we might well be your best contact.

Quality and Care

Allied have been members of the BVRLA since 1988 and are heavily committed to standards and ethics within the Motor Trade.

We believe that quality is a reflection of due care. We start with employees, the environment naturally. Our customer care processes were certificates to ISO 9002 in 1993; moimtoring ever since has confirmed their effectiveness.

Our long list of customers, most of which have their own corporate codes of conduct and experts us to have compatible policies and processes, is perhaps the most relevant indicator of our sustained attitude to quality!