Your Fleet is of major importance, in assets (or responsibilities), in the effect on your operations (or the stress that comes from under - performing), in the efficiency of your organization and in day to day costs. Whilst you want to retain control of the strategic decisions, are there not tasks you can delegate to expert providers? These could include:

  • Sourcing, from " findings" to putting on the road".
  • Managing quality and costs - from PDI's, to valeting returns and even managing full life service and maintenance.
  • Getting the vehicles from where they are where they should be - quickly and reliably.
  • Disposing of vehicles efficiently and at good values.

    Allied can provide fixed price outsourcing or "pay as you go", our client list ranges from the very largest to professional practices with a keen focus on their core skill and high exceptions from their support activities.

    Allied Vehicle Deliveries ia a specialist activity within the group which serves the motor trade with "point to point" movements of new or returning vehicles using Trade Plate drivers. We can mange consolidation to auction houses or even PDI's before transferring vehicles to your fleet users!

    Out total commitment to customer satisfaction means that we can now also transfer LGV, C+F, (HGV) and PSV vehicles - a comprehensive service from one ISO 9002 certificate control center.