Documents and packages, samples and proofs, drugs and dressings - when they aren't delivered they are bane and when everything is going right the best thing to here is nothing! Whilst you set the agreed service levels should you're your working hour be spent as a supervisor or problem chaser? Should you be the Pilot, the Navigator and Flight Engineer? You have a choice:

  • Completely outsource an operation - we'll field the calls, set the routings, manage the costs and the monthly reports
  • Specify the service we'll manage day to day with minimum bureaucracy but complete control
  • Let the user set the plan, we'll survey their wants and relate to their needs. We can assess current performance levels and put costing and outcomes to the alternatives!

Whether your operation be as critical as Healthcare, as sensitive as military or simply important in supporting your business we can demonstrate success to you.

With the flexibility and resourcefulness of the Allied Group most situations can be a managed to the right outcome and quickly.

We would stress however, that we are service providers NOT couriers.