Luckily it's situation you don't have to manage often, we hope ! You need to move an office or a department. Overnight would be ideal , the weekend is an option. Whatever the choice, you want to minimize downtime and staff disgruntlement. The faxes must be back on - line and the desks must be in line. The possessions must be cosseted and the paperwork secure....

A vehicle to move in is just part of the solution - of course you can rent a van from us but wouldn't you prefer to let us manage the move for you? We can provide:
  • A secure and confidential services
  • A single point of contact for revision and queries
  • A flexible service - planned for efficiency but responsive to changing needs
  • Two Offsite Locations in London and the North East
  • Host your mission critical applications on our servers
  • Our servers are housed in a secure, resilient data centre designed for the most demanding requirements
  • The data centre has security guards and cameras 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • 24/7 Personal system administration is available on request
  • As many IP addresses as needed (subject to RIPE approval)
  • Bandwidth graphs available via web
  • 0% Downtime
Please "Contact Us" for more details